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_helene_'s Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in _helene_'s LiveJournal:

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
3:22 pm
The Waking of Helene.
This feeling, I was dying, becoming dead, yet I felt some power through me when I was weak. It felt like I was strong, and powerful..but I was lying naked in the back of the car with no breath. I was barely breathing, and I felt everything in my body just stop.

At least I would die somewhat happy. I didn't know what the man was that had done this to me, or what his motives were. He said he'd make me strong, yet I couldn't feel more weak...He wasn't lying though. I felt different.

Amidst all the face transformation, he made me feel wanted...actually needed. He acted as though I was what he had been searching for, and this is what made me say yes to his question. I thought I was going to die, but he made me drink blood. Just like in the movies.

Was there really such things as vampires? There had to be. Dying, this wasn't dying, this was powerful. I clenched my fists and felt my last breath of air go through my body. I closed my eyes and thought that it was over, that I had no one that really cared if I was gone, except the man that killed me...as odd as it sounded. My naked body sprawled in the back of a car, probably about to be thrown into an alleyway, and no one would care.

My eyes opened in a flash, and I felt powerful.. I was strong, but this made me stronger, and crave something, not food..crave something that would be wonderful, crave..life and death, more death than anything.

I felt like a strong lion, someone, something..I felt comlete..yet I didn't have a heartbeat, and I found that I didn't need to breathe..I was stuck somewhere, still next to that of the man that made me...whatever I was. I would be thankful for that.

This craving though, this feeling that I couldn't surpass, it was holding me and it was all I could think about.

I sat up, and looked at everything, feeling senses, being able to see what I couldn't before. Everything was clear, and I was no longer hurting.

But I was still naked.

((Open to all in the car.))

Current Mood: cranky
Sunday, December 19th, 2004
1:57 am
The people on the boat, were surprisingly extremely nice for being rich. It shocked me, and it was rather disappointing. I had wanted them to be mean, and snobby so I could take pleasure in killing them, quick, and not hold in my instincts to kill...no matter what Penn said but they were nice, and giving, and willing to listen. So killing them after we gained their trust was going to be fun, but we had to hit on terms of trust first. That was going to put a strain on me.

Penn was still on the phone, looking out of the boat to god knows what, and talking to Xavier no doubt. I could have heard every word they were saying, but the damn couple was talking my ear off. Saying how Penn and I were adventurous, and blah blah, it was great to see that rich and elegant people like us could still have fun..how they could relate, how they’d been married for 2 years, having the time of their rich lives..

I wanted to rip out both of their tongues within a second, but I listened, and smiled and nodded, like a prim and proper little girl. It was sickening. Penn was so going to pay for making me listen to them while he got orders from Xavier. Dearly.

”So what about you, what’s your name, and your guys’ story, if you don’t mind me asking? Oh, and My name is Monique Clarity., you are?”

What the hell kind of name.. And our story? Good thing Penn asked me to keep myself at bay. Good fucking thing. I took a big sip of my drink and looked at Penn before turning back to them giving them my focus, and a huge smile.

“Helene. And that’s Penn, if you haven’t figured it out already. And our story? Well, we met a while back, and just clicked. We were just passing through here in the limo when we saw that grand view, and then he had the marvelous idea to take a swim. We really aren’t ones to do that sort of thing...but it just sounded fun..so we dove in with our clothes on, and apparently his cell phone..and here we are.”

They just looked so intrigued. They were way too nice. Something had to be up. Maybe they were rich evangelists or martyrs. If so, then it was going to be a sweet kill. I took the rest of my drink, and set the glass down while I set on the seats of the stationed for now boat. Penn was still talking. I could swear that he was doing that to torture me. Within seconds, I would be able to rip out their throats, or snap their necks, or god, even drown them...but I felt like an obedient puppy, sitting, waiting for my reward.

I felt like I had said everything I needed to..and yet, they were persisting, and talking about their lives...all I could think of was that they had no friends to talk to about this stuff, so I was stuck with the mother load..and it was making me hungry...and on the prowl to kill..but since when wasn’t I?

I leaned back, crossed my legs like I was bored, and looked at Penn. The couples voices were in my head, ringing, but I wasn’t paying attention to a word they were saying. I just stared at Penn with the death stare, and Twirled my still wet hair, wondering when he could feel my pissed off, bored eyes on him. Hadn’t I played human for long enough?

Penn hung up the phone and looked at me, then accepted a glass of champagne, I leaned back and looked bored..again.

This was truly torture.

((Open to Penn, Love.))

Current Mood: crushed
Sunday, November 14th, 2004
1:05 am
I was glad that Penn and I went after Montauc. Just the two of us. I gave Penn a complete smile before we lept out the window. Something we could do together, was someting that I was willing to do.. No matter what it was that we had to do.

Justine would have wanted to come. She always was the kind that liked to chase, and fight. I should have invited her.

That useless vampire that he had feelings for was just that, useless. Weak, and nothing like me. It gave me an incredible high to throw that girl around the room like a toy doll, maing her pay for thinking she was better than me. I kicked her ass, before I landed the piece of wood straight through her heart. Her screams fueled me. She couldn't even fight back. She wasn't worthy of this clan, for she had no power. Not even brains. Penn shouldn't have even let her touch him. It disgusted me to think about her filthy, meek hands on him. If you ask me, I did him a favor. He'd thank me later. I was sure of it. She deserved to be dust..Penn deserved more than that..he deserved me.

Penn seemed to be very interested in chasing this Montauc..reluctantly, I followed him because, I loved him. He even confessed to loving me.. Loving me was going to be the best decision he ever had. I would make him happy, I would make him jealous, and I would make him want me.. I saw the jealousy in him as he eyed me walking down the stairs with meerly nothing on. That proved it for me.

Plus, by the reaction he had to the sex I gave him, priceless. I see him, and want him. It never used to happen that often. He should feel honored. That alone, was enough to make him want to crawl into me...I'm sure I'd make him do that at a later time..after we take care of this thing that they want. Business before pleasure.

I was on his heels, as we were reaching nothing.. Nothing but emptyness. I had no idea where Montauc could have ran, but my adrenaline was rushing. We stopped as I eyed him and smiled. I don't think he had any idea where Montauc was either. Just waited for him to tell me where to go. Honestly, I didn't care where Montauc was, although he seemed to be important to everyone else, and I liked chasing things.

"Where shall we go now?"

The faster we get this thing, the faster I could eat. Find a human, and suck em' dry..and the faster I eat, the longer we could make love.

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