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The Waking of Helene.

This feeling, I was dying, becoming dead, yet I felt some power through me when I was weak. It felt like I was strong, and powerful..but I was lying naked in the back of the car with no breath. I was barely breathing, and I felt everything in my body just stop.

At least I would die somewhat happy. I didn't know what the man was that had done this to me, or what his motives were. He said he'd make me strong, yet I couldn't feel more weak...He wasn't lying though. I felt different.

Amidst all the face transformation, he made me feel wanted...actually needed. He acted as though I was what he had been searching for, and this is what made me say yes to his question. I thought I was going to die, but he made me drink blood. Just like in the movies.

Was there really such things as vampires? There had to be. Dying, this wasn't dying, this was powerful. I clenched my fists and felt my last breath of air go through my body. I closed my eyes and thought that it was over, that I had no one that really cared if I was gone, except the man that killed me...as odd as it sounded. My naked body sprawled in the back of a car, probably about to be thrown into an alleyway, and no one would care.

My eyes opened in a flash, and I felt powerful.. I was strong, but this made me stronger, and crave something, not food..crave something that would be wonderful, crave..life and death, more death than anything.

I felt like a strong lion, someone, something..I felt comlete..yet I didn't have a heartbeat, and I found that I didn't need to breathe..I was stuck somewhere, still next to that of the man that made me...whatever I was. I would be thankful for that.

This craving though, this feeling that I couldn't surpass, it was holding me and it was all I could think about.

I sat up, and looked at everything, feeling senses, being able to see what I couldn't before. Everything was clear, and I was no longer hurting.

But I was still naked.

((Open to all in the car.))
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